Venture Capital for Delicious Data Intensive Software Companies
We delight in relentless entrepreneurs building delicious, data-intensive software built on deep tech. We like hearing from them as they piece a company together. We want to back them the moment they are ready to scale.
Real Data Science,
Fast and Simple
Rapidminer closes the loop between insight and action, empowering enterprises to include predictive analytics in any business process
Remember the days
when the phone rang
and you didn't know
who it was?
Truecaller makes your phonebook "smart", by helping
you identify any number beyond your contacts and
block unwanted calls.
Conversational marketing
Leadoo converts your website visitors into leads or
sales more efficiently, streamlining recruitment
processes, and automating customer support.
Our ventures
First and foremost, we invest in people
Entrepreneurs and engineers at heart, building world's leading companies is in our DNA. With successes like MySQL, MariaDB and Nokia's mobile advertising business under our belts, our companies get more than investment: they get a family and their biggest champions who will work with them hand-in-hand to help scale their business into a global success.
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